Rotax Max Chrono NL Spa Francorchamp


Outdoor Karting

OK1 2018

OK1 2018 – Bumper-set with sticker-set – 4 spoke “M5” steering wheel suitable for Mychron 5 housing Braking system (OKJ-OK-KZ): – International homologation CIK-FIA 2018-2020 for rear braking system RBS.V2 model n° 006-B2-99 – Double option for rear brake discs’ diameter: Ø187mm (standard equipment), Ø195mm (optional) – International homologation CIK-FIA 2018-2020 for the overall braking


GK4 Final Genk

Arriving at Genk after a bizzy school day, all rainy, the weather forecasts indicated it would rain whole weekend. Which means no slicks, I was exciting to drive another rain race, as long as it aignt to cold. We still had to run in an engine, what started pretty well in the rain, the speed


Kart World Championship Madrid

Arriving Arriving in Madrid late in the afternoon, we first took a look around, the apartment was pretty sweet, enough space. With big centers close around, easy to go shopping. We also had a nice swimming pool to chill in, good for a long day practicing at the circuit. The family Haarbosch was one building