About Me

About Me

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About me


Lorenzo Stolk



Date of Birth

26th October 1997


1.82m –  5.9f


Car races on a high level


Always want to be first, especially on 4 wheels 


Technical Computer Science
At Avans University of Applied Sciences 



Outdoor Racing Team

O.W. Karting

O.W. Karting exists since 2006.

In June 2006, it was officially established as a company by Marcel and Ricardo Oude Weernink.

In 2013, it changed from Intrepid to OK1 as main chassis for the team.

In 2014, it became official OK1 exporter.


Indoor Racing Team

Haarbosch Racing

Haarbosch Racing exist since 2014.

In 2013/2014 Rico and I started racing together, not only individual, but also in team.

This exist out of many drivers we raced with trough the year, this changed mostly per track.



Indoor Racing Team

RiLo Racing

RiLo Racing exists since 2015.

This team is a two-man job, only Rico and me.

RiLo Racing stand for RI(co)LO(renzo) Racing Team.

It was set up for the Kart Cup in Roosendaal.



Indoor Racing Team

Dutch Value

Dutch Value exists since 2015.

Dutch Value is a very big team, including all kinds of drivers, young till old, men and women and all extremely competitive.

This team is made to uphold the Dutch nationality through the world.

We won many races, including the world championship, individual and in team.


Indoor Racing Team

IKM Racing

IKM Racing exist for more than 10 years.

It was set up by Joop Stolk.

The team drove through the whole Benelux for the MKS series, and won them many times.

It also participates for years in Roosendaal and Middelburg.



Indoor Racing Team

The Next Team

The Next Team exists since this year.

It is set up by me, Mellanie, Danny and Mike.

This team competes in the ZIKK series in Middelburg.


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