GK4 Final Genk

GK4 Final Genk

Arriving at Genk after a bizzy school day, all rainy, the weather forecasts indicated it would rain whole weekend.
Which means no slicks, I was exciting to drive another rain race, as long as it aignt to cold.
We still had to run in an engine, what started pretty well in the rain, the speed was already pretty good while not being able to push full throttle.
Till the last training heat it went pretty well, already got a good engine and chassis.
After the preparation for next day with my mechanic, I took a meal and went to the camper.

Waking up next day, already raining pretty hard, rain suit en shoes on and go.
The track got way cleaner and more slippery, cause of the little layer of water on the track what didn’t disappear.
We tried and changed a lot on the setup, after a few heats we changed to other tires, what made a lot more grip.
the speed was good speed to be one of the fastest, so it was a little bit of fine tuning the setup.
1 heat before the qualifying, we changed to the second engine what made it a little bit better.
While driving the qualification, the track became dryer and dryer.
At the 2 turn to the right after the Europalaan, the cushions were pulled back, now you were able take the full curb.
The chassis protectors on my front made the collide sooner and took the chassis a little higher.
This made it to hard to take the slippery curb, the speed was good and we took the third position, half a tenth of a second behind Rowan, and two behind Joey.
After the weight scale we heard we didn’t weight enough, this was a mistake we took by thinking this classement had a lower minimal weight.
This means we had to start 36th at the the first race.
We knew we had to change the setup to being able to push as far as we can.
Just like the day before, I took a meal after the preparation and went to bed.

Next day we had one training to prepare for the first race.
Setup all good, suit on, helm on, engine got its warm-up, ready to take some positions.
The start went pretty well and won pretty much position, but also lost some by dodging crashes.
With some outsmart overtakes moved pretty much positions and finished 16th.
This was a pretty well result, if the setup and engine were a little bit stronger and didn’t had to dodge those crashes, I think we could have taken the 10th place.

The next race started pretty bad in the parc ferme, it got dryer, and some sun shined on the track while there was still a big dark cloud next to us.
My mechanic took off the covering for the air-filter off, and dropped the tire pressure, what I didn’t agree with.
While getting on the grid, it started to rain, so I knew the setup wasn’t set up for this weather.
While getting little by little to the top I had to dodge some crashes again and could’t hold the heat in my tires and lost some position and finished 13th.

Starting the final on the 13th position, I knew the podium wasn’t a chance anymore, my goal was to get into the top five.
With a good start I was on a 10th place in the second lap, overtook someone each 2 laps.
The attacking was pretty difficult cause of the engine not being able to give full power.
Driving on the 7th place, pulling through the lead pack, I was able to take a few places before the checkered flag fell.
So I finished on the 5th place, the person that finished 2nd didn’t weight enough, what took me one place further.

The result wasn’t what we hoped for, the speed was good, good enough to fight for the lead.
This race was the last race for this year, the next championship will start in februari.
Between now and then, we will prepare and work on the new 2018 line for OK1 for 2018.
There are pretty much changes, including a whole new bumper with sticker set, we’ll see how far we can push now!

Congrats to Joey for his 1th place this championship, always fast and knows the limits on every track.
Followed by Rowan at the 2nd place, very talented, from qualifying always pulls trough the top lead.
At the 3rd place Wietske, who started the championship very powerful, and kept in the top of the championship sometimes felt back a little.
The 4th place was taken by Niels Koolen, just a little point below Wietske.
I think Niels made the biggest progress of all drivers this years, quite amazing to see.

On to next season!!!